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Now you can easily send hundreds or thousands of personalized e-mails that look great and can even be tracked to see if they are opened! That's right. Now each message can say "Dear John" or "Dear Mary" and can have gorgeous graphics that match the look of your website. We offer animated e-mail designs and even "rest period" pricing when you are not touring.

Plus, you can track your messages to see if they are received and even if readers click on links to go to your website.

We'll set you up with one FREE template that matches the look of your website (design revisions not included). We'll test these on every email client to make sure they look great upon delivery and are not "spammy".

The GigMailz system is musician-friendly, easy to use and really affordable! Host month to month or annually and save big over print mailings. Perfect for newsletters, gig reminders, CD announcements and much more.

If you have a website hosted with us we'll even give you a month of GigMailz totally FREE!


Send out a Compelling Email Campaign Without Lifting a Finger.
Get us your list and an outline for your message. We'll tweak your copy, make it pretty, code it, test it, send it, and get you a full follow-up report. If only everything were that easy!

We can even send out animated emails with moving design or text elements visible in every inbox!

Pricing varies but many campaigns are as low as $69.


rest mode:       $5
250 emails:      $7
500 emails:      $14
1000 emails:    $19
2000 emails:    $29
3700 emails:    $35
6500 emails:    $49
10,000 emails: $79

In any business that you try to grow, you spend money wisely, and sometimes unwisely. My gigmailz and epk system is the best money we have spent. Thanks for your support and expertise. Your patience and prompt responses, have made a huge difference to us.
-- Alan Parrott  

"Good work Ann- A clarinetist in NY bought both vocal works! Awesome job Jonas! Over the weekend two sets of bass books one to Berlin and one to VA- through Amazon. Looks like I'm starting to roll. All with your good work and consult. Thanks for everything Ann!"
-- Tony Masiello, DMA, MMHC Music Publishers

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