You'll Like Working With Us. The Office Cat Guarantees It.

Nami, the stray kitten turned quality control cat, keeps a pretty close eye on things here. Like everyone at Jonas Music Services, he knows that there are lots of companies to choose from out there. So not only do we deliver top notch work but we do it with a smile, and a bit of catnip on occasion.

We are a small, family-owned company focusing on great products and strong relationships with our clients. We charge a fair price and we deliver what we promise. Guaranteed.

What's more, we are also PCI Compliant and an Eco-Friendly Business.

12 years in business

 Winner of the 2013 Marketing Award

 Owner run and operated

Eco-Friendly Business

Main Office Powered By Solar Energy

0 metric ton CO2/year Carbon Footprint

Press kit printing line is powered by wind power